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MyE.R.S. laboratories researches, develops, and prototypes revolutionary energy conversion systems. The types of systems developed here are of (but not limited to) electromagnetic, electromechanical, and mechanical type systems.


Got your attention? Want to know more about Free Energy devices? Well... the truth is... ALL energy is FREE! That's right, you don't pay for energy. What you pay for is the cost of mining, processing, conversion, and distribution/ transmission of energy, not the energy itself. When you buy gasoline, you are paying for the cost of drilling for oil, processing it into gasoline, and distributing it to gas stations. If the price of gasoline were based on its energy, the price would not change because the energy in a gallon of gasoline is always the same no matter which reputable gas station you get it from. The cost of your car is part of the process as gasoline is not very useful (except for starting camp fires) without an engine to convert the energy to torque to move the car. When you pay the electric bill, you are paying for the cost of generating the electricity, transmitting it through power-lines, and converting it to the 120VAC 60Hz that goes into your home, not the electric energy itself. The same will happen with wind and solar power, you will pay for the cost of converting and transmitting the electric power/energy. ALL energy is free, you pay for the service of converting it to a useful form and distributing the energy to you so you can use it. Notice that converting energy is part of this free energy? That's where I come in! I enjoy inventing/developing new ways of converting energy that provide more efficiency or utility than anything that exists today. Below is some of my work that I dare to make public at this time. The High Efficiency SRM Controller and the Series Resonant Driver are methods of driving Switched Reluctance Motors to achieve very high efficiency by using the energy storage, or inductive, properties of the motor. The Magnetic Circuits page has some example concepts to encourage readers to think about ways to directly convert or control the energy of permanent magnets to perform useful work without additional electrical input. And the Inertial Propulsion page discusses my work on the concept of converting angular momentum to linear thrust and would be a totally enclosed system that would provide lift and thrust very similar to a helicopter but without the large rotating blades.

SRD on the KiloVolt Kart